Our Model

The Burnham Center for Community Advancement is a physical and virtual space that will bring together San Diego’s world-class community of thinkers and doers. We’ll support and encourage our leaders, businesses, educators, researchers, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, social enterprises, and government to put ingenuity to work. Together, we’ll embrace the exciting opportunities in front of us, face our most vexing problems, and bring big ideas to life. Our goal is to tap the power of community to transform San Diego into a region that opens doors, promises opportunity for all, helps the people of our city prosper, and becomes a place natives and newcomers alike are excited and proud to call home.

How we’ll do it

Transformation: We’ll strive for new solutions that will move our city and region in a new direction by finding novel ideas to address our most persistent problems.

Ideas to Action: We’re not just dreamers. We’re doers. One of the most important dimensions to this model is that ideas will become action.

Collaboration: We believe collaboration can narrow our divisions, heal disaffection, and accelerate progress. Engagement, partnership, and cooperation allow us to achieve things we often can’t do on our own.